Shell architecture of Codonofusiella (Fusulinidae)

Three-dimensial schematic diagram of Codonofusiella
black on white or invers (GIF 135 kb)

Diagram elements

Thin sections

  • Axial section not cutting the uncoiled stage (GIF 165 kb)
  • Equatorial to slightly oblique centered section (GIF 99 kb)
  • Tangential to slightly oblique section through the last whorl (GIF 140 kb)
  • Equatorial section (GIF 62 kb)
  • Tangential section through the last whorl and the uncoiled stage (GIF 168 kb)
  • Transverse to oblique section (GIF 98 kb)
    Leppig, U.: Codonofusiella (Fusulinidae): Shell architecture and its functional meaning.- Marine Micropaleontology, 26, 1995, 461-467

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