Dr. A. Kopf

Geologisches Institut

Albertstr. 23-B
D-79104 Freiburg i. Br.

Tel.: 0761/203-6492

Fax: 0761/203-6496
email: akopf@ucsd.edu

Main objectives of research:

Tectonic processes at convergent margins:

Macro/meso scale studies:
- mass and volume balances along active plate margins
- computer-based forward and backward modelling of tectonic structures (2D, 3D)
- plate tectonic reconstructions
- seismic processing
- mud volcanism related to plate tectonics

Micro scale studies:
- sediment diagenesis in accretionary wedges
- deformational experiments and permeability tests on fine-grained muds and mudstones
- mineralogy of authigenic carbonate precipitates in accretionary prisms
- microfabrics, texture analysis, and strain estimations in fine-grained marine sediments
- stable isotope signatures (C, O) for pore fluid source determinations and paleotemperature estimations

Regions studying/studied:
- Japan Sea, Nankai Accretionary Prism (ODP Legs 128, 131)
- Chile Margin Triple Junction (ODP Leg 141)
- Cascadia Margin (ODP Leg 146)
- Eastern Mediterranean Sea (ODP Leg 160)

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